How to Try

We recommend that you try before you buy to ensure that the product fully meets your needs.


You will receive the free Demo Version after you "buy" and complete the process that is provided. Indicate "Payment by Invoice".  Download from the link you will receive by email and install the software. It will run in demo mode. Demo mode has all current Options available, but a number of restrictions (watermark, burn-in Timecode and other limitations).


Free Demoversion

with all current options, but limitations

such as watermarks and other restrictions

Please indicate "payment by invoice"

0,00 €

How to Buy

In DirectEdit, open the About menu and click Register. You will see a 16 character validation key. Copy this key to the clipboard. Use the Cart to shop and add the Options you wishto buy.  You can buy options later any time, receiving a new license code for the existing installation. If you buy via our store, place the validation key into the comment to us.


Payment can be done via

  • Invoice
  • Payment in Advance

Non German buyers in Europe will be tax exempted if they provide their VAT ID.

You will receive a permanent License Key which is attached to the PC. And yes, if it breaks, you will get another key.


DirectEdit Standard

DirectEdit Basic Application

without Options

380,00 €

Add Option Export

render playlists to new media

220,00 €

Add Option SDI In and Out

excludes hardware

180,00 €

Add Option Subtitle

as STL files at present

220,00 €

Add Option Streaming

180,00 €

Add Option Shotlist

including Hardware, available December 2018

480,00 €

Add Option ADC

Interact with the Automation Material Database

960,00 €