DirectEdit: the professional Media Player

Playback or Record HiRes files and streams up to 4K with all kinds of video formats and containers. Simple to use, user customizable buttons and shortcuts. Runs on a simple business-PC.

Our DirectEdit MXF player offers tools for Quality Control, Clipping and Editing of file-based media, matched to your needs. Enables file access from Media Servers, SAN and NAS. Options range from compiling Playlists to interaction with the Automation Infrastructure.

Standard Features

From the clean and slim user Interface with user customizable buttons and shortcuts you can

  • View full screen,
  • play, jog and shuttle, goto TC
  • monitor audio VU, Peak and LUFS, timecode
  • create clipped Playlists
  • extract single frames to JPG or PNG

ANY media file format and container including

  • XDCAM HD 422
  • MOV
  • HEVC
  • AV1 and even audio only.

Resulting from many years expierence in broadcast, we know what is needed in practice. No need to bother about installed codecs, frame-rate or format. Just drop from the File Explorer and play. Video-, Audio- format and FPS is always converted into the selected view format.


Audio monitoring VU or Peaks, includes 8 channels of 4 pairs, customized naming and desktop stereo listening of selected pair. Numerical display of EBU R-128 LUFS measurement of selected stereo pair. EBU-R level and scale selectable. Gain adjustment automatic or manual. Audio routing between pairs, doubling or silence. NDI Connectivity as sink or source included.


Timecode Monitoring

Display of frame number Timecode or file Timecode, Burn-In Timecode selectable.


It´s not only a Player!

Options are:

  • Export playlists as perfectly rendered media (using GPU if available) having:

adjusted audio levels and channel assignment
different FPS, Video-Audio Scale and Conversion to HiRes or LowRes

  • SDI Input and Output using common Devices, VTR Control RS422
  • Subtitle Timecode synchronization, relocation and naming of STL files
  • Streaming from and to external URLs, to YouTube or Facebook Live
  • Shotlist, Instant feed in the live studio.

  • ADC, Ingest preview within the Imagine Automation environment, access to the database, process lists from traffic system. Replacement for Imagine MediaClient
  • Archiving and asset management
  • Workflow attributing (technical / editorial)

Options and Modules:

Option Export

Create new Media files from clipped Playlist items back-to-back. Audio gain and playback speed changes are applied while rendering, taking about half real time of the total duration with HD. Format, container, compression ratio etc. can be selected from a customized List. See Output Specifications.

Option SDI Output and SDI Input

Enables Real time Playback and Record and also Live Feeds to YouTube or Facebook Live

uses SDI/HDMI cards (not included) from

  • Blackmagic
  • AJA
  • Deltacast
  • Bluefish444
  • Stream Labs
  • Osprey
  • Magewell
  • DekTec

combined with Option RS422 VTR Control allows Frame accurate Ingest or Playout (on request).

Option TimeShift, where the SDI signal is played out to SDI with a specified Delay of seconds to hours (on request).

Option Subtitle

View Subtitles in a seperate Dialog or "under monitor", relocate and auto-rename STL files, compare and synchronize to media timecode.

Option Streaming

the Export capabilities can be applied for output streaming. This could be RTMP, UDP, Apple HTTP, WebRTC, SRT.

Option Shotlist

For live Studio recording we created a special “Shotlist” mode, with instant Playback (1 Frame delay) from the Playlist with a button for every single line. With remote hardware buttons at hand of the show master, it also sets the Video Switcher via GPI for instant on-air. SDI out option needed.

Including Arduino Hardware Box. Connection to the PC by RS422 using USB Adapter. GPI to the Switcher via opto coupler. Available from Dec. 2018.

Option ADC

In the control room you can verify ingested material, clip it to correct SOM and EOM marks and update the Automation Material Database. Imported Dub- and Purge Lists from the traffic system provide easy management of incoming and obsolete material.

 ADC Playlist Version12 Import and Export

The Future is bright

we are working on multiple output file creation or streams with different Codecs and Containers, creating a cross-coding station using hot folders. Reading and writing ANC Data, SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 triggers.

Download your trial version of the professional DirectEdit Media Player here.